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Acanthus Architecture

Our built world, from its grand public spaces to its intimate private rooms, forms the setting for our lives and experiences. The best buildings will stir our emotions, provide us comfort and convenience, spark our creativity, and facilitate our goals and ambitions. Acanthus Architecture designs places that are purposeful, harmonious, and beautiful, and that suit and enhance the lives of our clients.


Lafayette Residence

Greensboro, NC

Acanthus Architecture | Lafayette Residence

Middleton Farm Residence

Winston-Salem, NC

Acanthus Architecture | Middleton Farm Residence

Mill Creek Residence

Winston-Salem, NC

Acanthus Architecture | Mill Creek Residence

House in Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole, WY

Acanthus Architecture | House in Jackson Hole

Steamboat Springs House

Routt County, CO

Acanthus Architecture | Steamboat Springs House

Roaring Gap House

Roaring Gap, NC

Acanthus Architecture | Roaring Gap House

House in Rocky Mount

Rocky Mount, NC

Acanthus Architecture | House in Rocky Mount

Carlisle Road Residence

Greensboro, NC

Acanthus Architecture | House in Rocky Mount

Irving Park Addition

Greensboro, NC

Acanthus Architecture | Irving Park Addition

Granville Road Residence

Greensboro, NC

Acanthus Architecture | Granville Road Residence


Myopia Hunt Club

South Hamilton, MA

Acanthus Architecture | Myopia Hunt Club

Beach Clubhouse

Long Island, NY

Acanthus Architecture | Beach Clubhouse

Shapiro Walker

Winston-Salem, NC

Acanthus Architecture | Shapiro Walker


Acanthus Architecture is located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and offers a comprehensive range of architectural services to commercial, institutional, and private clients. While the firm’s roots remain in the mountain and piedmont regions of North Carolina, a considerable portion of Acanthus’s work extends beyond this area. Acanthus’s portfolio features completed and ongoing projects in Colorado, Montana, New York, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

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    1124 Brookstown Avenue
    Winston-Salem, NC 27101
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